Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 Premiere Review

dirk gently season 2The best show you’re probably not watching. Season one of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency quickly established it as one of my favorite television shows, and the season two premiere aims to keep it that way. After a somehow grounded in comparison season filled with time travel and soul swapping, season two immediately thrusts us into the realm of fantasy. There are scissor-swords, flying trains, and a lot more psychics to be had this season, and I’m here for it.

Yeah, Dirk Gently is¬†weird, and that’s one of the best things about it.

Insanity aside, the characters are what really make the show. Showrunner Max Landis has managed to create some of the most eccentric, lovable, and fun characters out there. While some may find the characters annoying at times, they’re supposed to be. And despite being a detective show, a lot of the characters are actually really stupid. The idiocy makes for a fun ride, you’ll never know where the show will end up. On that note, perhaps the most idiotic character is Freidkin and I’m happy we get to spend more time with him this season. Putting him in control of Blackwing allows for some hilarious moments, particularly between him and Ken. I can’t wait to see how he sinks or swims as the leader of a secret government organization.

The show also introduces a lot of new characters this episode. And a whole new world in fact. Some of these characters, like police officers Sherlock Hobbs and Tina Tevetino are immediate standouts while others may take some getting used to. Though, I must say, my biggest gripe with the episode is Farah’s brother, he seems a bit too normal for a show that thrives on chaos.

I’ve seen the first four episodes of season 2 and know the fun to be had but I have to admit, the season premiere is the weakest of the bunch. I chalk this up to the fact that for the entire episode, our main characters are separated. Ken’s without Bart, Dirk is without Farah and Todd, and the Rowdy 3 are also scattered. Maybe I just love the pre-established dynamics a little too much but the characters are just better together. Couple that with a focus on introducing new characters and you have an episode that’s good but not as great as what we’ve come to expect.

The season 2 premiere of Dirk Gently has a lot to do and does it all well enough. Introducing us to the magical world of Wendimoor and several new characters was never an easy task. But with a standout appearance from Bart and a great scissor-sword fight, there’s plenty to like here. Furthermore, Dirk’s disappearance at the hands of a shapeshifter will certainly make viewers want to return for episode two.

Episode Score: 7.5/10 – Good

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency¬†is on BBC America Saturdays at 9pm EST. The first season is available to watch on Hulu.