Fan Critic Review Scale: Tendency for Low Scores?

review scaleIn our desire for transparency, we’re going to be breaking down our review scale for you all. This post will likely be updated from time to time to reflect each writer’s individual scale but let’s first breakdown our Editor-in-Chief’s review scale. Please note all reviews are of course subjective and will likely contain (as per our site’s name) a mix of the fan perspective and the critic perspective.

As of late, review scores under an 8 have been seen as less than ideal, some may even say bad. I hope to rid the site of this stigma, so we don’t prescribe the same A to F grading scale to our reviews as other sites do. Instead, our review scores are purely numerical, with the majority of films likely falling at a 6 or 7 on the scale.  To help you understand what this means, the number breakdown is as follows:

10- Perfect. 9-  Amazing. 8- Great. 7- Good. 6- Okay (worth seeing). 5- Meh (may or may not be worth seeing). 4- Not good (not worth seeing). 3- Bad. 2- Very bad. 1- Horrible. 0- Complete garbage.

With this scale, films at an eight or higher are the cream of the crop and potentially worth multiple viewings. Any film at a six or above is still worth seeing in some capacity (ie. I still feel comfortable enough recommending people see the film). At a five, I cannot fully recommend the film but perhaps the film simply did not appeal to my tastes. The film wasn’t necessarily bad, just not for me. So should you find your tastes line up with mine, you’ll likely want to skip out on any films rated a five but should your tastes differ, you could end up liking films I rate a five quite a bit. Once we get to the four’s, however, you’ll probably want to avoid seeing the films altogether unless you enjoy watching bad movies.

I hope this helps clear up our rating system. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment down below.



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