Welcome to Fan Critic!

First off, welcome to Fan Critic! We’re a brand new site specializing in film, television, and video game news and reviews. As I’m aware covering all of film, television, and video gaming news would be a near impossible task, the site will primarily focus on genre films and television. But if you feel there’s some show, film, or game we just NEED to cover, post a comment and let us know!

Fan Critic will undoubtedly evolve a lot in our first year, but the core ideas will remain the same. We are here to offer both a fan and critic’s perspective on the entertainment industry. So often I see websites coming under fire for being too critical or too lenient, and hopefully, we’ll serve as a middle ground with our perspectives. Our writers know how to be both fans and critics, having grown up as fans and then moving into the world of journalism later in life. These perspectives will not only come across in our editorials and reviews but our news stories as well. All articles will intend to capture the unique authorial voice of any given writer and we encourage our readers to not only follow the site as a whole but the individual writers who align with their sensibilities.

While the site will launch with only one writer, myself, each writer I bring on will have to have a unique perspective to come across in their writing. With about a year of entertainment journalism under my belt and six years of work in the field of journalism, I hope to bring you a fresh new perspective from someone who grew up in the dawn of cinematic universes.

So once again, welcome to Fan Critic, and thank you for being a part of our launch!


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